A Simple Assessment of Aerobic Fitness in Field Conditions



  • Vaclav BUNC (華卡.賓斯) Charles University, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC (捷克查爾斯大學)




Aerobic fitness, Motor tests, Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

The conventionally accepted physiological criterion of aerobic fitness (AF) is V02max. When V02max is not directly measured, it can be estimated from performance motor tests. The using of motor tests for indirect determination of V02max is based on dependence between the energy cost of exercise and exercise intensity. In submaximal range of intensities the linear equations may be used to relate intensity of physical activity to V02. If we extrapolate linear relationships between V02 and exercise intensity to maximal exercise intensity, the inaccuracy of V02max determination resulting from the intensity of exercise increases by approximately 5%. The purpose of this study was to determine norms for the estimation of AF with regard to Czech standards and with regard to general relations between the mean velocity of the cyclical movement in a field conditions and an energy required for this activity. These norms were derived from a Czech sample, incorporating relations between speed of movement and energy required for this activity expressed indirectly by V02. The basic element of evaluating AF under field conditions is the mean velocity of walking or running on a 2000 m track, and/or cycling on a 5000 m distance, and/or swimming on a 300 m distance. The standards have been prepared for males and females aged 6-70 years, making it possible to estimate "poor", "good", and "excellent" levels of AF and physical performance. The error of assessment of V02max and thus AF level varies by about 15%.



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BUNC, V. (2003). A Simple Assessment of Aerobic Fitness in Field Conditions: 評核有氧適能的簡易方法. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 9(2), 79–82. https://doi.org/10.24112/ajper.91129