A Profile of Job Satisfaction among Physical Education Teachers in Hong Kong and Their Intention to Change Jobs



  • Robert Siu Kuen NG (吳兆權) Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HONG KONG (香港理工大學)




LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the job satisfaction of Physical Education (P.E.) teachers in Hong Kong and their intention to stay or leave P.E. profession and teaching career. By means of proportional stratified random sampling, 400 questionnaires of Chinese version of Job Descriptive Index (JDI) and Job in General (JIG) were distributed to the full time Hong Kong P.E. teachers. Useable data from 181 respondents (62.4% from primary school teachers; 45.9% were male) representing 45.3% response rate. The .05 level was employed to evaluate the significance of the statistical relationships.

68.5% and 79.6% of P.E. teachers were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied in the facets of 'present pay' and 'promotion', respectively. 26.0% (n=47; male=18, female=29) of the respondents reported not willing to teach P.E. within 5 years. 'Physical and mental exhaustion' (29.5%) and 'dislike of teaching P.E.' (27.3%) were the most commonly stated reasons. 17.7% (n=32; male=15, female=17) of the respondents intended to leave teaching profession within 5 years. Their stated reasons were 'physical and mental exhaustion' (24.0%), 'changing job' (24.0%) and 'migration' (20.0%). Low multiple R squares were found between JDI, JIG and the demographic data. Implications of the study and recommendations for further research were suggested.

本文目的是探討香港體育教師工作滿足感的概況及其在五年內離職的意向。這項研究採用分層隨機抽樣寄出四百份調查問卷。在一九九六年四月至六月期間收回可應用的問卷共181份,回應率爲45.3%。研究結果顯示接近七成及八成體育教師分別不滿意或非常不滿意他們現在的薪酬及晉升機會。在未來五年內,打算不任教體育科的教師佔26.0%(男=18人;女=29 人;合共47人),其原因爲身心筋疲力竭的佔29.5%,對任教體育科失去興趣的佔27.3%。此外,有17.7%(男=15人;女=17人;合共32人)的體育教師打算在未來五年內離職,他們所持的原因分別爲身心筋疲力竭和轉職的各佔24%,移民外國的佔20%。研究結果促請有關部門及主管儘早訂立長遠計劃改善體育教師的待遇,以維持和提高現有教師對工作的積極性,進而 提升教師的工作滿足感。


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