The Difference in Psychological Disturbances Between Gifted and Normal Athletes



  • Suh Ruu YEH (葉素汝) Tzu Chi College of Technology, TAIWAN (臺灣慈濟技術學院)



LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in Chinese; abstract also in English.

According to the "guidance measures in the school of gifted athletes at the middle-school level or above", it can provide excellent students many development channels and opportunities after entering the university. However, these gifted athletes usually can not take care of training and studying at same time due to the fact that they do not do well on their plans and preparations, as the result, they will be forced to drop out regardless willingness. The purpose of this study was to explore the difference in psychological disturbances between gifted athlete and normal athlete. The subjects were four different colleges/universities with department of physical education of four hundred and two student-athletes, including one hundred and ninety-nine gifted athletes and two hundred and three normal athlete. Based on Student-athletes' Psychological Disturbance Scale by Chin-Ju Huang, descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test can conclude in following three points. First, gifted athletes feel the most pressure is future problems, following by training problems, academic problems, competitive pressure, and life problems. Second, normal athletes feel the most pressure is when the competition occurred, then following by training problems, future problems, life problems, and academic problems. Third, it shows no difference (p>.05) between gifted athletes and normal athlete in training problem, competition pressure, academic problem, and life problem, however, it shows significant difference in future problem (p<.01) and psychological disturbance(p<.05), or gifted athletes have more these two problems than normal athletes do.

在臺灣,「中等以上學校運動成績優良學生升學輔導辦法」的實施對於許多優秀選手而言,提供了諸多發展管道與機會,但選手往往因沒有做好事前的規劃與準備,致使訓練與學業無法兼顧,甚至退學,導致敎育部立意良好的政策無法真正落實。所以本研究主要探討師院體育保送生與非體育保送生在心理困擾與其他相關問題是否會有差異?受試者以國內四所院校體育科系的402名學生運動員(體育保送生199名,非體育保送生203名)為研究對象,使用黃清如在公元二千年編製的學生運動員心理困擾量表,經描述統計(descriptive statistics)與獨立樣本T考驗(independent sample t-test)得知:一、體育保送生在心理困擾問題以如途問題最高,其次是訓練問題、課業問題、競賽壓力,生活問題最低。二、非體育保送生以競賽壓力最高,其次是訓練問題、前途問題、生活問題,課業問題最低。三、體育保送生與非體育保送生在心理困擾有差異存在(p<. 05*)。而在心理困擾之分量表上,訓練問題、競賽壓力、課業問題、生活問題的比較並沒有差異(p >.05);但在前途問題有差異存在(p <. 01**) 。


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YEH, S. R. (2003). The Difference in Psychological Disturbances Between Gifted and Normal Athletes: 體育保送生與非體育保送生之心理困擾探討. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 9(1), 63–68.