Effect of Warmed Whirlpool on Symptoms of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage



  • Jen Hao LIU (劉人豪) National College of Physical Education and Sports, Taoyuan, TAIWAN (台灣國立體育學院)
  • Johnson HWANG (黄榮松) National College of Physical Education and Sports, Taoyuan, TAIWAN (台灣國立體育學院)
  • Jung Charng LIN (林正常) National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan (台灣師範大學)




LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

Exercise-induced muscle damage, also called DOMS, is soft tissue injury after strenuous exercise. There are many ways of treatments on DOMS. Hydrotherapy is one of the effective treatments for DOMS. The mechanism of hydrotherapy on DOMS is unclear. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to assess the effects of warmed whirlpool immersion on the symptoms of DOMS following strenuous eccentric exercise. After performing a bout of damage-inducing eccentric exercise of the elbow flexors on a Biodex, 22 females were randomly assignment into a control group, CG (n=11) and hydrotherapy group, HG (n=11). HG immersed their exercised arm in warmed water (41 °c) for 10 min immediately after eccentric exercise and then every 12 h for 15 min, seven sessions. Plasma creatine kinase (CK), relaxed elbow angle (REA), muscle soreness index (MSI) and swelling were measured immediately before eccentric exercise and 3 day afterward, respectively. Analysis of variance revealed significant (p < .05) main effects on time for all variables, with increases in MSI, CK, upper arm circumference (URC) and decreases in REA. There were significant interactions (p < 0.01) between group and time for REA and CK. REA was greater and CK was lower for the HG than the CG on day 2 and day 3 following the eccentric exercise. We concluded that heated whirlpool immersion might reduce muscle stiffness, CK and increase REA.

運動引起的肌肉損傷,也稱為運動後延遲性的肌肉酸痛,簡稱為DOMS,為一種劇烈運動後的軟組織損傷。處理DOMS的方法很多:但熱水療的方法卻是處理DOMS非常有效的方法。熱水療對DOMS的效果並不清楚。因此,本文主要在探討熱水療對運動後產生肌肉酸痛的影響,受試者經實施屈肘離心運動後,22位受試者隨機抽樣分配成熱療組及控制組。熱水療組於離心屈肘運動後,將運動肘浸泡在水溫維持在41°c的熱水中10分鐘後,分別於運動前、運動後立即、運動後24小時、運動後48小時、運動後72小時, 分別測量肘關節活動範圍、血漿肌酸激有活性、腫脹及肌肉酸痛指數。經分析發現在運動後各期間的DOMS、血漿肌酸激有活性及 腫脹隨時間增加而增加;肘關節活動範圍及血漿肌酸激有活性在組別及時間上有交互作用,且其交互作用是運動後的48小時及72小時熱水療組肘關節活動範圍較大,而血漿肌酸激有活性較低,顯示熱水療於離心性運動後關節活動範圍增加、減少肌酸激有活性與降低肌肉酸痛指數。


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