Physical Education in Pre-primary Education System of Hong Kong



  • Wing Sum WONG (黃永森) South China Normal University, Guangzhou, CHINA (華南師範大學)



Pre-primary physical education, pre-primary education, curriculum design, 幼兒體育, 學前教育, 課程設計


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in Chinese; abstract also in English.

Pre-primary education aims at assuring a balanced development of physical fitness, intelligence, language, interpersonal relation and emotion, nurturing interest of learning, as well as preparing for formal education in the future. Physical activity seems to be part of the pre-primary education in Hong Kong. However, time spent on physical activities in the current pre-primary curriculum is significantly reduced when comparing with that of thirty years ago. Based on the methodology of anthropology, fieldwork was carried out. The study design adopted qualitative and quantitative research methods and aimed at exploring in what extent principals, officers and teachers of kindergartens in Hong Kong were concerned about physical activity patterns of preschool children, understanding how they critiqued the environment and facilities in relation to physical activities, and knowing how they commented to their self-efficacy on leading pre-primary physical activities. It was found that physical activity had not been addressed adequately in the curriculum design of pre-primary education in Hong Kong. The self-efficacy on leading pre-primary physical activities was quite low among pre-primary teachers. The environment and availability of facilities were not favorable to the execution of pre-primary physical activity programmes. Physical education orientates pre-primary education in the future.



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WONG, W. S. . (2016). Physical Education in Pre-primary Education System of Hong Kong: 香港學前教育體制下的幼兒體育. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 22(1), 68–74.