Investigation of Cognitive Abilities of Indian Sport Women



  • Bhupinder SINGH (貝柏查‧冼嘉) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala, INDIA (印度約佰蒂亞拉體育學院)



LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

At the elite level of participation of sports the brain has to be equally tuned with the brawn for attaining the peak level performance. Rather, it is higher cortical functioning of the athlete, which helps in judging, analyzing, estimating and calculating the information at the time of execution of highly precised movements during the competition. Taking in view these facts the emphasis of sports psychology researches in these days is shifting towards the cognitive assessment of the players in the laboratory conditions. A substantive probe has taken place in this respect in male athletes however the female athletic population is still awaiting scientific consideration. Taking cognizance of this situation the present study was conducted on 192 National level Female Athletes belonging to Athletics (Track & Field), Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Football, Gymnastics, Handball and Hockey. These female athletes were assessed on the parameters of visual and auditory reaction time, visual perceptual accuracy and visual concentration. All the subjects were individually tested with the help of Electronic Chronoscope, Muller-Lyer Illusion test and Knox-Cube Imitation test. The standard procedure of testing was followed throughout the testing programme. The results revealed number of inter group differences in the cognitive abilities of female athletes. While comparing individual and team game female athletes differences were found only in reaction­ability.



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SINGH, B. (2007). Investigation of Cognitive Abilities of Indian Sport Women: 印度女子運動選手的認知能力. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 13(2), 56–62.




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