Effects of Ten Weeks Table Tennis Training on Dynamic Visual Acuity



  • Kun Yung LIN (林坤勇) National Hsin Chu University of Education, TAIWAN (台灣國立新竹教育大學)
  • Alex, J. Y. LEE (黎俊彥) National Hsin Chu University of Education, TAIWAN (台灣國立新竹教育大學)
  • Wei Hsiu LIN (林威秀) National Chia Yi University, TAIWAN (台灣國立嘉義大學)
  • Ya Chen LIU (劉雅甄) Chung Hua University, TAIWAN (台灣中華大學)




Sports vision, visual acuity, fast-ball events, 運動視覺, 視覺敏銳性, 快速球體運動


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in Chinese; abstract also in English.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of ten weeks table tennis training on dynamic visual acuity (DVA) on general population. Fourteen collegiate students were volunteered and ransom assigned equally as training group or control group. Training group underwent a ten weeks table tennis training program with 500 balls twice a week, but control group did not received any kind of exercise training during this period. DVA was measured with commercial software Athlevision to evaluate in four directions: right, left, up, and down, and calculated as horizontal (DVA-H), vertical, and total (DVA-T) abilities. Results reveal that training group showed significant improved DVA abilities in DVA-L (2.29±0.49 vs. 3.14±0.69, F = 7.09, p < .05), DVA-H (4.71±0.76 vs. 6.29±1.25, F = 9.64, p < .05), and DVA-T (9.57±0.98 vs. 11.29±1.60, F = 6.17, p < .05) after ten weeks table tennis training. The finding suggested that ten weeks regular table tennis training can improve the DVA ability on general population. It is possible that during this training, participants have to continual focusing/tracking the moving ball, and correctly predict the distance/space between the line, net, and the direction of coming ball, therefore, improved the rapid senses of fovea and the control of oculomotor system.

本研究目的在於探討十週規律桌球運動訓練對人體動體視力的影響。14位大學生自願參與並隨機分為桌球訓練組與一般組, 桌球訓練組需進行連續10週,每週2次,每次500球之桌球訓練,一般組則無接受任何運動訓練,兩組皆於訓練前後以Athlevision測試軟體評估其動體視力的變化。結果發現訓練後桌球組向左 (2.29±0.49 等級 vs.3.14±0.69 等級, F=7.09, p<.05)、水平 (4.71±0.76 等 級 vs.6.29±1.25 等級, F=9.64, p<.05) 與整體 (9.57±0.98等級 vs.11.29±1.60 等級, t=6.17, p<.05) 等動體視力表現有顯著改善。結論:規律桌球訓練可改善人體的動體視力表現,其機轉應與桌球訓練時需以視覺持續注視或追蹤高速旋轉移動的球體,且要正確判斷持拍與來球之間的距離、邊端線、網子與對方的位置,因而提升眼球中央小窩快速移動球體知覺與眼球控制能力。


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LIN, K. Y. ., LEE, A. J. Y. ., LIN, W. H. ., & LIU, Y. C. (2012). Effects of Ten Weeks Table Tennis Training on Dynamic Visual Acuity: 十週規律桌球運動訓練對人體動體視力之影響. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 18(2), 41–45. https://doi.org/10.24112/ajper.181845