Asian Energy Challenges in the Asian Century


  • Kevin LO Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG



Energy challenges, energy revolution, Asia, Journal of Asian Energy Studies


In this first article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Asian Energy Studies (JAES), the scene is set for further discussions and debates on the energy challenges in Asia. Energy is fundamental to economic development. Thus far, Asia has been largely meeting its skyrocketing energy demand through conventional technologies based on fossil fuels. However, challenges relating to energy security, local pollution, and global climate change mean that such a path is no longer feasible and Asian countries must meet their growing energy demands in a more sustainable manner. Addressing these challenges is not only critical to the realization of the Asian century, but also to global sustainable development. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary energy studies have much to offer in addressing these pressing issues. The mission of JAES is to provide a free and international forum for scholars and professionals working in this exciting and important field of study.

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LO, K. (2017). Asian Energy Challenges in the Asian Century. Journal of Asian Energy Studies, 1(1), 1–6.