Physiological and Psychosocial Health among Adults with Mental Disability: A Mini Study



  • Ada S. Y. CHAN (陳雪瑩) Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG (香港浸會大學)
  • Bik C. CHOW (周碧珠) Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG (香港浸會大學)



LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

Obesity is an important worldwide public health problem and sedentary lifestyle has been associated with increasing rates of overweight and obesity. This presentation aims to study the relationship between psychosocial health, obesity and the lifestyle among the intellectual disability. A total of 16 adults over the age of 18 with mild to moderate intellectual disability (ID) (6 males, 6 females), (N=16, mean age 34.4.23 ± 51 years, SD= 8.67), were recruited from St. James settlements. Pedometer step counts were recorded on 4 consecutive (week) days, BMI and waist circumstance were recorded. Questionnaires regarding adult's outcome expectation, perceived barriers to exercise and performance self efficacy on physical activity were examined. Result showed that adult with intellectual disability mean on total daily step counts was 7458.44 steps, (SD=5048.19), the mean BMI is 26.43, and both performance self efficacy and barrier to exercise among them were not high. The study concluded that both physiological and psychosocial health among adult with intellectual disability were low and more physical activity is needed.

殘疾人士痴肥情況比一般普通成人嚴重,而且平均壽命較短,對健康的需求比較高。可是研究對於在職智障成年人的調查比較少,對於可行而且有效的運動計劃亦缺乏資料。為了提高在職智障成年人士的生心健康,一項了解智障成年人士的運動量以及他們對運動的態度的研究是需要的。是次調查對象為成年智能障礙人士,級別為輕,中度智障(本研究不包括重,極重度智能障礙者),所有參與者人士都是來自於聖雅各福群會,共有16位自願參與者而他們都是18歲以上成人,參與者平均年齡為34.4 (23 ± 51歲,SD 8.67)。我們派發一個數步器(型狀跟傳呼機相似)給參與者,數步器需佩戴在右邊腰身上連續4日,在第五天早上研究人員為參與者除去數步器,並記錄總步行數量。同時我們亦派發一份有關活動量及對活動態度的問卷,內容包括:對運動預期結果,面對運動阻礙,對運動表現自我效能。調查所得出之結果顯示參與者平均每日步數為7458步(SD=5048.19)。脂肪比例為26.4,面對運動阻礙(Mean=1.8, SD=.39)和對運動表現自我效能(Mean=.8, SD=.64)顯示為不太高。結論是成年智障人士需要在工作地方有一個運動課程從而提高他們生理和心理的健康發展、成長。



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CHAN, A. S. Y., & CHOW, B. C. (2010). Physiological and Psychosocial Health among Adults with Mental Disability: A Mini Study: 智障人士體適能與運動的認知. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 16(1), 73–78.