Comparisons of Antioxidant Status in Different Sport Type Athletes



  • Ying Chih HO (何應志) Nan-Hua University, TAIWAN (台灣南華大學)
  • Shu Ling LI (李淑玲) National Taiwan College of Physical Education, TAIWAN (台灣國立體育學院)
  • Fu An CHEN (陳福安) Tajen University, TAIWAN (台灣大仁科技大學)
  • Mei Chich HSU (許美智) National College of Physical Education and Sports, TAIWAN (台灣國立體育學院)



Antioxidant, SOD, GSH, training, 抗氧化劑, 過氧化物歧化酶, 穀胱甘肽, 運動訓練


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

This study investigated the resting levels of malondialdehyde plus 4-hydroxy 2-(E)-nonenal (MDA+4-HNE) in plasma, erythrocyte superoxide dimutase (SOD) and glutathione (GSH) in 12 long-distance runners (LR), 12 weight lifters (WL), and 12 age match sedentary nonathletes (SN). The subjects were asked to maintain the lifestyle and original training (Monday to Friday) and were requested not to take any medicines and supplementation two weeks ago before sampling. No significant differences were found in MDA+4-HNE levels among three groups. The LR group had lower erythrocyte SOD activities than SN group (p <0.05). Additionally, the erythrocyte GSH concentrations in WL group was significantly lower than LR and SN groups (p <0.05). The results indicated that the adaptation and changes in resting antioxidant status would be different due to various exercise training modes. Furthermore, athletes should take the antioxidant supplementation appropriately to overcome the high oxidative stress cause by heavy training.

本實驗比較經長期運動訓練之12位舉重選手、12位長跑選手,以及12未受訓練的坐式生活者,其休息狀態下血液中抗氧化數 值之差異。抗氧化數據包括血漿中之MDA+4HNE,紅血球中之過氧化物歧化酶(superoxide dismutase; SOD)之活性及穀胱甘肽(glutathione; GSH)之含量。受試者維持其原本之生活型態及訓練(星期一至星期五),從兩個星期前即不能服用藥物及營養補充劑。結果顯示三組間血漿中脂質過氧化產物MDA+4HNE之濃度並無明顯差異,長跑選手紅血球SOD之活性明顯較坐式生活者來得低(p<.05),舉重選手紅血球GSH含量明顯較其他兩組來得低(p<.05)。結果顯示,不同的訓練可能會造成不同型式的氧化壓力,經過長期之適應後,體內的抗氧化狀態也有所差異。此外,為了抵抗高度訓練所造成之氧化壓力,運動員應該適當的補充抗氧化劑。


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HO, Y. C., LI, S. L., CHEN, F. A., & HSU, M. C. (2007). Comparisons of Antioxidant Status in Different Sport Type Athletes: 不同運動形式運動員之抗氧化狀態比較. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 13(2), 37–42.




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