Agility and Leg Power Comparison between University Indoor and Beach Volleyball Players



  • Kim Geok SOH (蘇金玉) University Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA (馬來西亞博特拉大學)
  • Aminuddin bin YUSOF (阿米努丁‧尤索夫) University Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA (馬來西亞博特拉大學)
  • Kim Lam SOH (蘇金蘭) Universiti Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA (馬來西亞博特拉大學)
  • Mohd. Sofian OMAR FAUZEE (莫哈末蘇菲安) Northern University of Malaysia, MALAYSIA (馬來西亞北方大學)
  • Hiong Kwong MOH (毛憲廣) University Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA (馬來西亞博特拉大學)



Agility, leg power, volleyball players, gender, university player, 腿爆發力, 大學排球員


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

This study sought to compare the agility and leg power between indoor and beach volleyball players in Malaysia, and to investigate the differences for the above variables within gender. The subjects were 25 Malaysian players (6 for beach volleyball and 19 for indoor volleyball) who represented Malaysia in the ASEAN University Games in August 2008 in Kuala Lumpur. The SEMO agility test and Vertical Jump test were used to measure agility and leg power, respectively. The data were analysed descriptively, and the T-test used to establish significant differences between the players. Overall, there was a significant difference in agility between the indoor and beach players (f=7.60, p<0.01), where the beach volleyball players were reported to be more agile. In addition, a significant difference was also reported for leg power between male indoor and beach volleyball players (f=1.47, p>0.24) – the beach players being stronger in term of leg power. There was a similar superiority in agility by the female beach players. The only superiority of the indoor over beach players was by the males in agility.



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SOH, K. G. ., Yusof , A. bin, SOH, K. L., Omar Fauzee, M. S. ., & MOH , H. K. (2012). Agility and Leg Power Comparison between University Indoor and Beach Volleyball Players: 大學排球與沙灘排球選手靈敏度及腿肌力的比較. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 18(1), 31–35.