The Effect of Sport Education on Secondary Six Students' Learning Interest and Collaboration in Football Lessons



  • Ka Lun CHAN (陳家倫) Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School, HONG KONG (鳳溪瘳萬石堂中學)
  • Alberto CRUZ (髙達倫) Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG (香港敎育學院)



LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in Chinese; abstract also in English.

Sport education has attracted attention and interest from physical educators recently. This study aimed at examining the effects of sport education on secondary six students' learning interest and collaboration in football lessons. Participants were 28 male students and they were taught in nine double football lessons with sport education model. Students were grouped into teams and assigned with different roles playing as specified in the model. Data were collected by using the participant observation, classroom videotape recording, student reflective logs, individual and group interviews as to understand the learning process and the students' perceptions on the model within the lessons. Data collected were analyzed by employing the analytic induction and constant comparison method. Results indicated that there were positive effects on students' learning interests and collaboration under this teaching model. Results were discussed in the following aspects: (1) students' participation within lessons, (2) how students' learning interest generated under this model, (3) how to develop collaboration of the team members, and (4) how to develop collaboration of different roles taking in the teams. The results hold implications for the physical education teachers and teacher educators of implementation and promotion of the model.



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CHAN, K. L. ., & CRUZ, A. (2006). The Effect of Sport Education on Secondary Six Students’ Learning Interest and Collaboration in Football Lessons: 運動教育模式如何影響中六學生學習足球的興趣及協作能力. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 12(2), 13–22.