Effects of Balance-based Training on Blood Pressure and Postural Control Capacity in Older Elderly



  • Yi Fang LEE (李宜芳) Cathay Healthcare Management, Taipei County, TAIWAN (台灣國泰健康管理)
  • Cheng Sze FU (傅正思) National Taitung University, Taitung, TAIWAN (台灣國立台東大學)
  • Shu Lin LEE (李淑玲) Chung Chou University of Science and Technology, Changhua County, TAIWAN (台灣中州科技大學)




Blood pressure, balance-based training, Sensory Organization Test, 血壓, 平衡運動訓練, 感覺統合測試


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of Wii Fit balance training or Pilates-based training intervention for 10-weeks on blood pressure levels and the postural control system in older elderly. Method: Sixty older subjects volunteered to participate in a Wii-Fit exercise group (n=18), Pilates-based training group (n=22), and control group (n=20). The Wii-Fit and Pilates-based groups have training intervention program 3 times per week for 10 weeks. Postural control capacity and resting blood pressure were measured before and after training program. Results: The results showed that there were no significantly changes on blood pressure and MAP data neither after in the Wii-Fit training nor in the Pilates-based training. The Sensory Organization Test (SOT) composite scores tend to increase after Wii-Fit and Pilates-based training intervention. Conclusion: The results illustrated that balance exercise intervention change the postural control, but there are no effects on resting blood pressure.

目的:本研究目的在探討進行10週以Wii-Fit電子平衡遊戲訓練或是皮拉提斯平衡訓練模式對老年人血壓調控以及姿勢控制能 力之影響。方法:共有60位受試者完成試驗 (Wii-Fit組18人、皮拉提斯組22人、控制組20人),其中Wii-Fit組與皮拉提斯組需進行 為期10週、每週3次之平衡模式訓練,控制組則不做任何訓練介入,在10週前後所有受試者皆需進行血壓檢測,並以感覺統合測 試進行平衡能力之評估;結果:在10週平衡運動介入前後,三組受試者的血壓(收縮壓、舒張壓)以及平均動脈壓都沒有顯著性差 異;在平衡能力結果上,Wii-Fit組與皮拉提斯組內比較其平衡能力有提升的趨勢,其中Wii-Fit組的平衡能力得分量又高於皮拉提斯組。結論:本研究顯示單純平衡訓練對老年人的血壓狀況並不影響,但卻可以提升其身體姿勢性的平衡能力。


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LEE, Y. F., FU, C. S., & LEE, S. L. (2017). Effects of Balance-based Training on Blood Pressure and Postural Control Capacity in Older Elderly: 平衡模式訓練對老年人血壓以及姿勢控制能力之影響. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 23(1), 29–35. https://doi.org/10.24112/ajper.231768




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