Learning and Teaching Experiences of Sport Education



  • Chung LI (李宗) The Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG (香港教育學院)
  • Alberto CRUZ (高達倫) The Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG (香港教育學院)




Sport education, physical education, curriculum innovation, 競技運動教育, 體育, 課程創新


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

This paper aims to report a collaborative study project between a teacher training institute and two secondary schools in Hong Kong. It involves the initiation of an innovative curriculum model titled “sport education”. The study attached to the practice-referenced and interpretive research perspective with interviewing and video-taping of lessons as tools for data collection. It inquires how 2 experienced PE teachers and 12 secondary 4 students with “high-”, “average-” and “low-level” sports skill proficiency articulated their teaching and learning experiences with sport education. The findings revealed that both teachers accepted sport education for providing positive learning experiences for promoting students' generic skills and all round development. Students' active learning, motivation, self initiation, creativity and team cohesiveness were also enhanced. Most students satisfied with experiences of taking roles, performing duties, affiliating with teams, collaborating with others and accomplishing tasks. However, both teachers experienced difficulties of increase in workload. 3 students encountered unpleasant experiences of injury, unfair judgment of the referees and completing assignment after school illustrating their differences in expectation on physical education. Recommendations are made for overcoming these difficulties. The findings of this study provide qualitative insights on how sport education can better be implemented to enhance students' learning in physical education.

本文旨在報告一所師資培訓學院與兩所香港中學的一項協作研究計劃,該計劃涉及推展名為「競技運動教育」創新課程模式的研究。研究以實踐為本及詮釋理念為依據和利用訪談及課堂錄影為資料搜集工具,探討了2位資深體育教師和12位運動技能水平被介定為「高」、「中」及「低」學生對競技運動教育的教與學經歷。研究結果顯示2位體育教師接納此課程模式並提供學生正面的學習經驗,促進他/她們的共通能力和全人發展。此模式也能培養學生的主動學習、應激、自我驅動、創意和團隊內聚力。大部份學生對參與承擔角式、執行職責、加入團隊、與人合作和完成被指派工作等學習經歷也是正面的。但是,兩位老師均 經歷工作量增加的困難,其中3位同學也遇上不愉快的經驗如受傷、不公平的裁判判決和完成家課等。研究結果對推展競技運動教育以促進學生學習作出建議及質性啓示。


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LI, C., & CRUZ, A. (2009). Learning and Teaching Experiences of Sport Education: 競技運動教育的學與教經歷. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 15(2), 6–15. https://doi.org/10.24112/ajper.151771




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