Senior Female Secondary School Students' Attitude Towards Physical Education in Hong Kong



  • Alberto CRUZ (髙達倫) Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG (香港教育學院)



LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

Few studies have attempted to study the perception of physical education of secondary school girls with 'non-participation' behaviours during physical education lessons. This paper tries to explore the differences of attitudes of 'non-participation' and 'ordinary' senior form school girls toward physical education in a single-sex school. Six students were purposely selected in the study. They were interviewed and invited to give comments on physical education in their school. Their behaviours in three physical education lessons were observed and recorded. Data in the study indicated that most students held 'sex stereotyped beliefs', however, only the 'non-participation' students showed alienated behaviours from the physical education lessons. Possible reasons for these were the difference between the 'non-participation' and 'ordinary' students on the perceived status and values of physical education within school. School administrators and physical educators should revise the school physical education curriculum and instructional behaviours in order to maintain the students interest and positive attitude toward physical education.

本文嘗試探討高中女生對體育課的態度。六名於體育課"欠活躍"及"普通"態度的女生被揀選參與是項研究。她們分別接受訪問,研究員記錄她們對學校體育課的評論。研究員並觀察她們六人分別在三節體育課的行爲表現。數據顯示兩組同學大都持有"女性"觀念,而"欠活躍"同學更對體育課有不感興趣的行爲表現。其中可能的解釋是"欠活躍"及"普通" 同學對體育課持不同價値觀。學校行政人員及體育教師應改善學校體育課程及教學行爲去維持學生對體育課的興趣及存正面態度。


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CRUZ, A. (1998). Senior Female Secondary School Students’ Attitude Towards Physical Education in Hong Kong: 香港髙中女生對體育課的態度. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 4(1), 8–16.




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