Reasons for Retirement and the Influence of Retirement on the Life Adjustment amongst Hong Kong Elite Athletes



  • May Mei DU (杜梅) Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG (香港浸會大學)
  • Eva TSAI (蔡曉倫) Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG (香港浸會大學)



Athlete retirement, retirement reasons, adjustment quality, general life satisfaction


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

In recent years, there is a growing interest amongst researchers regarding athletes’ retirement. While research in this area in western countries is slowly building, research in Hong Kong athletes has gained little attention. The present study examined Hong Kong elite athletes’ reasons for retirement and the influence of the retirement reasons on their perception of general life satisfaction and adjustment quality which reflected how well they adapted to their post-retirement life. Analysis of self-administered questionnaires from 75 retired athletes suggested that important reasons for their retirement were difficulties in coordinating sport and study or working demands, and physiological (e.g., injury, age) and financial reasons. Most of them perceived the transition out of sport as a smooth experience. Financial, physiological and burnout (tired of the lifestyle) reasons for retirement were found to be significantly negatively associated with athletes’ general life satisfaction. The more they retired due to the three kinds of reasons, the less satisfied they felt toward their current life.



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DU, M. M., & TSAI, E. (2007). Reasons for Retirement and the Influence of Retirement on the Life Adjustment amongst Hong Kong Elite Athletes: 香港運動員退役的原因及對其生活適應的影響. Asian Journal of Physical Education &Amp; Recreation, 13(1), 29–35.