The Development of Asian Sport Industry



  • Shu Chen HUANG (黃淑貞) Tunghai University, TAIWAN (台灣東海大學)
  • Hsiu Ching CHANG (張秀卿) Chia Nan University of pharmacy & Science, TAIWAN (台灣嘉南藥理科技大學)



Sport industry, asia, 運動產業, 亞洲


LANGUAGE NOTE | Document text in English; abstract also in Chinese.

Asia has been playing an important role politically and economically in the world and its influence will extend in the 21st century. At the meantime, sport industry is also booming in the Pacific Rim in terms of the concept of global village. Sport industry was a $213 billion USD business and ranked the sixth major industry in the United States in the 20th century. The global sport business has already exceeded $500 billion USD in the new millennium (Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, 1999). John Cappo, International Vice President at International Management Group (IMG) indicates that the World Cup Korea/Japan 2002 and the awarding of the Olympic Games to Beijing 2008 is a further testament of the increased proliferation of sports marketing in Asia. These countries and governments use the sports marketing platform to provide a window to the world, promote their countries, business and cultural exchange. This support and commit will further add to the development and growth of the sports marketing industry. There is no doubt about that the sport industry is an economic behemoth and it is creating unlimited potential opportunities for all kinds of business. The impact of sport business is increasing in Asia when the values of health and leisure are more emphasized. In addition, it is critical to understand the development of sport industry in Asia as the world trade is more globalized and sport business is more internationalized. Therefore, the purposes of this paper are to: 1) introduce the development of Asian sport industry in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan as the examples, 2) foresee the future development of sport industry in 21st century.

亞洲一直是世界經濟及政治的一個重要角色,它的影響力已延伸到21世紀。在世界村的觀念下,亞太地區的運動產業正在蓬勃發展。二十世紀的美國,運動產業是總值2,130億美元的第六大產業,而在這新的世紀裡,全球運動產業的總值已經超越5,000億美元,IMG的國際副總裁John Cappo指出2002年日本及韓國的世界盃及2008年的北京奧運證實了運動產業在亞洲的發展。這些國家及政府利用大型國際運動賽事來為本國宣傳,同時也促進文化及經濟的交流,像這些國家的付出及支持,更加速運動產業的發展。無疑的,運動產業這隻經濟巨獸已創造出無限的商機,尤其當健康及娛樂的價值在亞洲地區日益受到重視之際,運動產業的影響力也就與日俱增。在目前貿易全球化及運動商業國際化之時,了解亞洲國家的運動產業就顯得相當重要了。鑑此,本研究的主要目的是以中、日、韓、台為例,介紹亞洲的運動產業並預測二十一世紀該產業的發展。


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