About the Journal

《中外醫學哲學》期刊由香港浸會大學應用倫理學研究中心於1998年創辦,致力發表探討生命、健康、疾病、痛苦、衰老和死亡等問題的文章,期望可在中西方有關醫學哲學及生命倫理學領域間架起一座溝通橋樑。無疑,當代西方社會在此一領域上處於領先的學術地位,但在人文醫學傳統及倫理價值資源中,東方社會卻有悠久深厚的歷史。《中外醫學哲學》正好提供一個重要的機會,讓我們可在生命、性別、疾病、健康、痛苦、衰老和死亡等的人生課題上,與西方學術界真誠相對,有助醫學哲學及生命倫理學的發展。本期刊已列入新興資源引文索引資料庫 (ESCI)。

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine was launched in 1998. It was the first and only academic journsl in the Chinese language that focuses on in-depth dialogue between Chinese and Western scholarship over a series of vital issues in the philosophy of medicine and bioethics, ranging from birth, sex, health to disease, suffering, aging, dying and death. While the West has pioneered academic research in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine, the contribution of China’s long tradition of medical humanities, as well as its rich historical resources in philosophical and ethical thought, should not be neglected. Given that cross-cultural academic communication at times suffers simple generalization and unfruitful abstraction, this new journal will offer important opportunities for Eastern and Western scholars to engage in concrete conversations in the fields of bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. It is the editors’ hope that this journal will help to enhance the level of mutual understanding between Eastern and Western views, as well as to deepen the human intellectual capacity to cope with profound bioethical issues. This journal is listed on the Emerging Sources of Citation Index (ESCI).